We typically limit our services to our core competence: planning and design of the Finance Lab within the boundaries of the given space, and designing and specifying the trading desk.

We typically work alongside the college‚Äôs architect.  We do not compete with the architect but rather, we complement.

What We Do

Schematic Design

Based on the program we will prepare a schematic design concept to ensure that the designated space can accommodate the program requirements.  To that end we will prepare as many as three different layouts, to stimulate a discussion about the best solution.

Design Development

Based on the approved schematic design we will prepare detailed design development drawings, showing all items of general construction, furnishings, equipment and finishes.

These drawings include a demolition plan, construction floor plan, furniture and equipment plan, electrical and data plan, interior elevations showing wall treatment and displays, and details are required.

Contract Documents

We do not typically provide construction contract documents, but we are prepared to do so if requested by the college.

We do prepare comprehensive performance specifications and bid documents for the trading desks.

How We Work

We communicate with the College via conference calls, email, and drawings in PDF format.

Unless otherwise requested by the client, or indicated by project conditions, we do not normally consider travel to the site as necessary, but we can provide this service at additional cost.

What We Require

We require that the College furnish us with a written program for the project as well as scaled and dimensioned drawings of the proposed space before we can begin our work.

Additional Services

If requested by the College, we are prepared to provide professional color renderings of the project, even before we begin our planning and design work, based on the program information furnished.  This service has proven to be helpful for fund raising purposes.


We do not do electrical, mechanical or structural engineering.