University Finance Labs are Learning Environments

We know Finance Labs… We design them.

We know that although they employ much of the same infrastructure as typical financial trading rooms, Finance Labs are different in several aspects:

In Finance Labs, interaction between student and instructor is critical. As is team work among students.  Students must be able to have eye-to-eye contact with the instructor and one another, and they must be able to see all electronic displays as well as the whiteboard. The desk layout also must allow for different teaching styles, allowing the instructor ready access to all student positions for individual tutoring.

We know the “building blocks”

We know trading desks… We design them.

And we specify them.

Since there is no such thing as an “off-the-shelf” trading desk, we write a performance specification based on each client’s specific equipment requirements, whether it is on the desk top, within the desk, or below the desk, including cable and wire management.

We understand ergonomics and we pay particular attention to optimizing sight lines, affording each student visual access to all displays.

University Finance Labs are Learning Environments